The Art of Simpling

Our organic single herbal tea range contain only one herb. These teas are known as ‘simples’, where one herb is used for healing a wide range of problems.


Herbalist Susun Weed says of simples:

“Simple means easy, simple means single…..Using simples has the added advantage of self-teaching the effects of single herbs on your body……Using simples we experience the uniqueness of each herb.”

Using herbs in this way allows you to taste and experience the herb and benefit wholly from its properties. It also allows you to make your own blends with other single herbs that you may enjoy or wish to benefit from. For each of our herbs I have listed the main traditional uses that the herbs are known for, although each is known for a myriad of applications.

One of the principles of the ‘Art of Simpling’ is to use herbs that grow where you live. We aim to sell only herbs that are native UK species or that have naturalised here. By using native species we are using plants that have taken on the qualities of their environments and therefore contain the properties to treat conditions born of this climate. We also want to help people to learn what herbs grow in their locale and what they can be used for, so by using these simples you will gain a better understanding of the healing plants on your doorstep. To find out more about simpling see the ‘Way of Herbs’ by M. Tierra.