Organic Comfrey Oil 100ml


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Organic Comfrey Oil is a great traditional remedy for aching joints and encouraging healing after damaging bones or ligaments. The oil is made from infusing organic comfrey in organic cold-pressed sunflower oil. Where possible the comfrey that is used is from our organic medicinal garden.

Comfrey (Symphytum – Greek symphis ‘growing together of bones’ and phyton ‘a plant’) is also known as ‘knitbone’ and the allantoin that it contains stimulates the production of cells in the body which encourages healing where damage has occurred.

We use comfrey on aching hands and knees after gardening, on bruises from skate-boarding, and family members use it for relief of arthritic joints. We hope that comfrey becomes an ally for you as well.

External use only.


Product Description

Sold in a 100ml brown glass bottle.