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Sold for external use only.

Organic Comfrey is traditionally used to aid the healing of flesh and bones, giving it the common name of ‘knitbone’. The mature leaves are high in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Herbalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy (1974) describes it as a “‘wonder herb’, being good for almost every ill of mankind”. Due to its rejuvenating properties it has been used traditionally to promote tissue growth, internally and externally, where there has been disease or injury (Frawley and Lad, 1994).

Contraindications: There is some debate as to how safe comfrey is to take internally because of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids that it contains and tests on animals in the past. It is thought that Symphytum x uplandicum (a hybrid) is safer to take internally than S. officinale (wild species), though many herbalists still only recommend and use S.officinale. It is often difficult to tell species apart due to the hybridisation that takes place naturally between different comfrey species in the wild. We sell Symphytum spp. as our supplier sells comfrey bought in from european mainland that is wild harvested and also from their organic farm in England and cannot be certain hybridisation has not occured between plants. If in doubt please check with your herbalist before taking internally. 



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Symphytum spp

Sold as loose leaf herb.