Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth
American Indian Chief Seattle.


At Solar Ripe we use organic ingredients and garden organically, in order to reduce the environmental damage that human-made agrochemicals cause. Agrochemicals, such as pesticides and fertilisers, contaminate our water, kill our wildlife and get into our food chain. Plants are our healers and we believe we should respect them as such and not pollute them or their homes. Organic farming is better for us, the farmers and the Earth.

Solar Ripe is a member of the Wholesome Food Association. This scheme is ‘a low-cost, grassroots alternative to organic certification for people in the UK who are growing or producing food for sale in their local region’. For more information see their website:

To help support the ‘lung of the planet’ Solar Ripe has started to sponsor areas of Rainforest through the charity Rainforest Concern, with an aim to sponsor one acre per year.

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