Autumn Equinox 2016

The harvest season is nearing its end so now is the time to celebrate! The Autumn Equinox, 20-23rd September, is the time of the Harvest Festival and a time of recognising balance and imbalance, as day and night are of equal length. Seeds and fruits are ripe and ready to pick, by us and the […]

Lammas 2016

The very fact that I am late with this post reveals the busy time of harvesting that Lammas represents. Lammas is the Harvest Festival of the traditional calendar. A time when thanks and sacrifices of corn harvests were offered to the Cereal Goddess Ceres/ Cerealia/ Demeter and Ludh, the Corn King. I am writing this […]

Herbs of the Outer Hebrides

I recently visited the Uists, in the Outer Hebrides, and was able, with the help of a trusty friend, visit many beautiful areas and meet a huge array of herbaceous plants that grow there. The main thought that struck me was how self-sufficient people would have been, especially before the development of roads, in terms […]

Summer 2016 Workshops

As our Medicine Garden is now established we would like to offer you an opportunity to join us in some workshops. Over the summer we will be running: An Introduction to Scottish Medicinal Plants and Remedy Making at Craigencalt Farm, Kinghorn Loch, Fife. This half day course will be spent at Solar Ripe’s Medicine Garden, a beautiful location in […]

Summer Solstice 2016

The Summer Solstice celebrates the longest day of the year on the 20/21st June – and in Scotland that can be almost the full 24 hours, which is wonderful. Often people stay awake around fires of sacred wood such as Oak and wait to see the sunrise. Divining forks of Hazel were cut on this […]


Beltaine: Festival of Fertility and Union (End of April/Beginning of May). Traditionally this Celtic celebration would have been on the 12th of May, before the changing of the calendar, and was a time when the Gaelic farmers took their cattle to their summer pastures. In Ireland the cattle were first driven between fires and had their backs […]

Silver Birch Sap

Last year I heard the sap rising in Silver Birch for the first time. It was amazing. This year I decided to have a go at tapping one for the sap that is a spring tonic. Mrs Grieve, in A Modern Herbal, describes the vernal sap as being diuretic (promoting urine production). Here is a description of […]

Blackcurrant Leaf Bud Tincture

With the weather warming and days lengthening I decided it was time to start making some herbal remedies again from fresh plant material. There are many fruit bushes at our medicine garden including an abundant berry producing black currant (Ribes nigrum). I had read about using it as a tincture in ‘New Menopausal Years, The Wise […]

Herbal Hayfever Relief

Last year my usual hayfever symptoms of streaming nose and itchy eyes were greatly reduced. It was such a relief. Other years I have tried herbal supports but not with the same success – so that got me thinking, what did I do differently last year? I had read that drinking nettle in advance of the pollen […]

Spring Equinox

Another calendar celebration is upon us – Spring Equinox, 20-23rd March. Day and night are equal in length and we celebrate the Festival of Balance and Awakenings. It is traditionally the first day of spring, and the egg as a symbol of fertility is well known. Traditionally eggs were painted and given as gifts, hung […]

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