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This is the kind of Herbalist I am

In response to Julie Charette Nunn’s article of same name: I read Julie’s article after hearing her speak to Susun Weed on a blogtalk radio programme. I was recovering from the flu and finding out about shamanism, and realising that my practise was shamanic without having given it that label. After reading Julie Nunn’s description […]



The plants in my Medicine Wheel have been growing for 3 years now, putting down their roots and expanding into the rich clay soil. After this period of growth they are now ready to be harvested with thanks. I invite you to join me, Elecampane, Marshmallow, Valerian and Comfrey for an exploratory couple of hours […]

Herbs for Health

Herbs for Health

Herbs for Health Working in a small, friendly atmosphere over three months we will look at different herbs that you can use to treat minor ailments and keep you in good health. We will meet and taste herbs that can help keep your skin glowing, give you a peaceful nights sleep, provide you with nutrition […]

Our mini Herb Nursery

Since December 2014 we have been renting some land where we now have a Medicine Garden. It is a wonderful space full of healing herbs that you are welcome to visit on the last Sundays of the month (12-5 summer, 12-3 winter). We also have workshops here in the summer where you can learn about local […]

Workshop Programme, 2018

Workshop Programme, 2018

We are pleased to announce our Workshop Programme for 2018. The workshops will be run by myself, simone melanie, and I have studied and worked with plants for over 20 years. I am passionate about herbs and want to educate and empower people to reclaim herbal medicine as their own. Since 2013 I have run Solar Ripe selling […]

My dance with Bronchitis and Herbs!

My dance with Bronchitis and Herbs!

Over the festive season just passed I had Bronchitis, which lasted for about 6 weeks. Over that time I used many remedies to help ease the symptoms and I would like to share them with you, in case they may be useful for you or a loved one. Bronchitis is an ‘inflammatory condition of the […]

Winter Solstice

The dark days and nights of midwinter can be tough for many people, especially if we catch one of the bugs that happens to be doing a tour that season.The winter solstice is a chance to banish the gloom and welcome the lengthening of the days. A time to spend with family and friends, or […]

Super Easy Hawthorn Berry Tincture Recipe

For a healthy heart Hawthorn Berry Tincture makes a wonderful home remedy. At Herb Study Group this week we looked at how we can use Hawthorn to help maintain good health, especially good heart and circulatory health. Here is a super easy way you can nourish yourself today!   Fill a jar a third full […]

Meetings with Usnea, 2016

A friend and I are studying the Lichen family Usnea or Old Man’s Beard. There are many different species, and lucky for us many of them grow in Scotland, so my partner and I went in search of some to see it growing in it’s natural habitat. It has many uses herbally including being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral […]

Samhain, 2016

Samhain, 2016

Samhain/Hallowe’en conjures images of witches huddled around their cauldrons stirring some bubbling brew. Which to me translates to herbalists tending to their hedgerow syrups. This time of year is full of rose family delights and recently I harvested a wide range of berries and hips to prepare into remedies to set myself into good health […]

Autumn Equinox 2016

The harvest season is nearing its end so now is the time to celebrate! The Autumn Equinox, 20-23rd September, is the time of the Harvest Festival and a time of recognising balance and imbalance, as day and night are of equal length. Seeds and fruits are ripe and ready to pick, by us and the […]

Lammas 2016

The very fact that I am late with this post reveals the busy time of harvesting that Lammas represents. Lammas is the Harvest Festival of the traditional calendar. A time when thanks and sacrifices of corn harvests were offered to the Cereal Goddess Ceres/ Cerealia/ Demeter and Ludh, the Corn King. I am writing this […]

Herbs of the Outer Hebrides

I recently visited the Uists, in the Outer Hebrides, and was able, with the help of a trusty friend, visit many beautiful areas and meet a huge array of herbaceous plants that grow there. The main thought that struck me was how self-sufficient people would have been, especially before the development of roads, in terms […]

Summer 2016 Workshops

As our Medicine Garden is now established we would like to offer you an opportunity to join us in some workshops. Over the summer we will be running: An Introduction to Scottish Medicinal Plants and Remedy Making at Craigencalt Farm, Kinghorn Loch, Fife. This half day course will be spent at Solar Ripe’s Medicine Garden, a beautiful location in […]

Summer Solstice 2016

The Summer Solstice celebrates the longest day of the year on the 20/21st June – and in Scotland that can be almost the full 24 hours, which is wonderful. Often people stay awake around fires of sacred wood such as Oak and wait to see the sunrise. Divining forks of Hazel were cut on this […]

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