bee and red cloverSolar Ripe began in 2013 with an aim to provide people with organic medicinal herbs, and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Now, four years later, Solar Ripe also runs various workshops and courses on herbal medicine and holistic gardening in Edinburgh and Fife.

Solar Ripe is run by myself, simone melanie, and I am passionate about plants. I studied Environmental Science (plant ecology) at University 20 years ago now and since then I have been working with plants and people in various settings including drug and alcohol treatment centres and being a head gardener. My learning of herbalism has come from the wonderful plants themselves, studying with various herbalists including Maureen Robertson, Keith Robertson, Fiona Morris and the Seed SistAs, a lot of self study (esp. Susun Weed and Stephen Harrod Buhner) and trial and error!

For me, herbal medicine is not only about nourishing and healing myself with plants, but also taking personal responsibility for my health, rather than relying on pharmaceutical companies who cause animal suffering and environmental damage. I prefer to use native plants that we can find growing all around us such as ElderPlantain and Blackberry and use organic, recycled, and local as much as is possible (so expect so see an old jam jar here and there)!

For the past two and a half years I have been developing a medicine garden in Kinghorn, Fife, as a place where people can come and meet a wide range of plants and learn about their herbal uses. There are regular open days on the last Sunday of the month 12-5pm (winter closed, Nov, Dec, Jan) where someone will be happy to show you around, and you can have the chance to buy some of our organically grown plants. If you would like to arrange a visit for yourself or your group outwith these times please contact me for more details.

If you would like me to run a workshop for you or your group please e mail me and for up to date information see our Twitter feed/ Facebook page for upcoming events.

May you enjoy and be well

simone melanie, 2017.