This is the kind of Herbalist I am


In response to Julie Charette Nunn’s article of same name:

I read Julie’s article after hearing her speak to Susun Weed on a blogtalk radio programme. I was recovering from the flu and finding out about shamanism, and realising that my practise was shamanic without having given it that label. After reading Julie Nunn’s description of what kind of herbalist she was I decided to write my own description of how I practise herbalism. So here goes!…..

This is the kind of Herbalist I am.

I am the kind of herbalist who adores plants and whose practise is always changing. Developing with new wisdom that I have gleaned from other herbalists and healers, and most importantly the plants.

I work intuitively with the plants in my gardening and herbal practise, and am a lover of the green. I wonder whether to say I am a ‘plant shaman’?

I allow the plants to guide me as to what to pick, what tincture to make or take, what plants to talk about in my workshops. I ask them for dreams to guide me as well – something that Mugwort has helped me with a lot.

Over the years I have moved from a mainly scientific method of working with plants to a more ‘cosmic’ path – using plant spirit medicine also. As with other folks stories of the development of their shamanic abilities, one of my great leaps also happened with a traumatic event – when I scalded my legs. I was visiting in Central London and suffered 4% second degree burns and was taken to hospital. I had some Elderberry Vodka that went down quite quickly while I was in A&E, but little else to help me in the way of herbal medicine until I could get back to Edinburgh the next day (luckily I had made some infusion that was in my friends´┐╝’ fridge too). I had spent the weekend at the Plant Consciousness conference and used the wisdom learnt then to call in Calendula and Aloe Vera to help me. Meditating upon them I was able to sleep and maintain my composure on the train until I got home. Since that experience, calling upon the spirits of plants has felt very normal and has been a wonderful addition to my medicine chest.

´┐╝After a period of sickness I also am aware that I have not returned to the simone of before. I have been changed by the experience and have moved along the spiral path of the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing (see Healing Wise by Susun S. Weed).

I am a herbalist who believes in nourishing myself, my community and the earth, rather than that of cleansing and blaming. I try to ‘do nothing’ (Wu Wei) as much as possible (very hard) to enable me to see the ‘wood for the trees’ and to develop my relationship with the plants I work with and meet in my daily life.

The plants are my teachers, and I will always be a student. I trust the plants implicitly and want to learn to listen better to their wisdom ‘messages on the wind’ (J.Nunn).

Thank you plants for helping me to be the ‘kind of herbalist I am’.

simone melanie, April, 2018.

P.S. If you want to learn more about shamanic herbalism please sign up for one of my courses….especially the Mugwort ones!!


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