Our mini Herb Nursery


Since December 2014 we have been renting some land where we now have a Medicine Garden. It is a wonderful space full of healing herbs that you are welcome to visit on the last Sundays of the month (12-5 summer, 12-3 winter). We also have workshops here in the summer where you can learn about local plants that you can use for healing, and also how to garden and work with plants in a contemplative way.

Now that the garden is up and running we are able to start focusing on selling plants and seeds as well, and these are available to buy when you visit, either on an open day or by arrangement. You can also buy some seeds and plants at one of our regular market stalls or events.

Some of the plants that we have to buy are:

St John’s Wort

Hemp Agrimony


Black Peppermint





Yarrow……..and many more!

If there are particular seeds or plants that you are looking for please e mail to see if we have it. Please note that we specialise in native plants, so no exotics I’m afraid!

We look forward to meeting you

simonemelanie, 2017



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