Workshop Programme, 2018


DSCN7011We are pleased to announce our Workshop Programme for 2018.

The workshops will be run by myself, simone melanie, and I have studied and worked with plants for over 20 years. I am passionate about herbs and want to educate and empower people to reclaim herbal medicine as their own. Since 2013 I have run Solar Ripe selling Organic Herbal Teas and Remedies that I blend and prepare myself, and run regular workshops. All sessions will take place at our Medicine Garden, Craigencalt Farm, Kinghorn Loch.


Medicine through the Seasons Four Part Course- 24/3, 23/6, 22/9, 8/12
Tree Medicine – 7th April
Introduction to Scottish Medicinal Plants – 21st April or 7th July
Mindful Gardening – 26th May
Harvesting, Drying and Storing your Herbs – 21st July
Marvellous Mugwort – 11th August and Going Deeper with Mugwort 18th August
Regular Herb Study Group at Barn by the Loch, Kinghorn – 1st Tuesdays Feb-July, Sept-Nov

Please scroll down for details of some of the workshops.

Mindful Gardening

Spend time at Solar Ripe’s Medicine Garden, where we will discuss how to work with nature, what can we do with ‘weeds’ and introduce ideas of Permaculture, Biodynamics and Organic gardening. The session will be a mix of theory and practical and you will be provided with a resource sheet to take home.

Marvellous Mugwort

Come and spend a day immersed with Mugwort at Solar Ripe’s Medicine Garden! We will meet and spend time with Artemisia vulgaris: draw, smell, taste, dream. We will learn how to use her for medicine and make a smudge stick which you can take home with you to dream with.

For those who attend this course, or attended last year, you are invited to attend Going Deeper with Mugwort, where will follow up on dreaming with Mugwort and learn more about her medicine.

An Introduction to Scottish Medicinal Plants and Remedy Making 

Spend time at Solar Ripe’s Medicine Garden, a beautiful location in Fife, where you will meet some of Scotland’s native medicinal plants, such as Mugwort, Comfrey and Yarrow.

You will learn about how the plants can be used, try them in different forms, and end the day by making a herbal remedy that you can take home to use. The course is suitable for adults who want to learn about environmentally sustainable medicine. No previous experience is needed.


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