My dance with Bronchitis and Herbs!


Over the festive season just passed I had Bronchitis, which lasted for about 6 weeks. Over that time I used many remedies to help ease the symptoms and I would like to share them with you, in case they may be useful for you or a loved one.

Bronchitis is an ‘inflammatory condition of the bronchial tubes’, which can be caused by many factors. Mine began with a sore throat that moved down to my chest and was likely caused by a virus. My symptoms included a consistant and very productive cough, high fever (38 centigrade+), weakness, breathlessness and very fast, shallow breathing even when still.

I felt that I wanted to use everything in my herbal arsenal to help get rid of the virus that I had acquired. Even if I had wanted to there was not really an option of going to a GP and getting antibiotics as it was Christmas so I trusted in the plants. I tried to include remedies to both get rid of the source of the infection and support my immune system. The remedies that I found useful and that I often craved included:

  • Raw Onion. To boost the immune system and help expectorate (bring up) the mucus in my lungs. A trusted herbal friend said this was her number one remedy for bronchitis. As well as trying to eat an onion daily I also had Fire Cider which was made with onion.
  • Nourishing Herbal Infusions. Lots of Lime infusion which felt very soothing and is a great herb to help with colds and flu. See here for how to make a nourishing herbal infusion:
  • Hawthorn Tincture. I was coughing with such an intensity and violence, sometimes to the point of vomiting, that I wanted to support my heart. Hawthorn is the number one herbal heart tonic so I had this daily as part of my whole body support regimen. The tincture had been made by infusing berries in vodka for 6 weeks.
  • Herbal Syrups. I had one or more of these every day, sometimes hourly, to help soothe my coughing and sore throat. They also helped to support my immune system. Luckily for me I had made some in the autumn. I used Sea Buckthorn, Elderberry, Onion, Mouli and Rosehip syrups, made with either sugar or honey.
  • Honey. Like the herbal syrups I used honey to help soothe my throat and when I had coughing fits. It was also wonderful in herbal teas and hot milk. Honey has lots of antibacterial and immune boosting properties as well as being delicious!
  • Milk. I don’t think I have had a glass of cow’s milk for nearly 20 years but I craved it! Organic Whole Milk soothed my throat, helped provide me with vitamins and minerals when I was not eating much and hot milk helped relax me in the evenings – though sleep was still hard to come by!
  • Ginger. One of the world’s greatest antibiotics according to Stephen Harrod Buhner. Grated it, added hot water, drank – very strong taste, but felt this was a turning point.
  • Recovery Remedy. Ensuring we take the time to heal is encouraged by the Seed SistAs and so they have developed their wonderful Recovery Remedy. I bought a bottle for me and my Mum, had some whenever I felt the need, and the bottle lasted right up to when I felt ready to get back to ‘normal’. See here for the Seed SistAs website: resources/herbalists
  • Laughter. Sitting around with no energy to do anything, especially when everyone else is celebrating winter, is not much fun so I used the healing power of laughter by watching the Absolutely Fabulous box set to help bring in the light! Some Sloe Gin made it much better too!
  • Chi Gong. I could not get out and about so 10-20 minutes of Chi Gong on you tube daily help me support my immune system. Even though I could not breathe in the correct time and coughed throughout, the movement helped me keep some flexibility that is easily lost when sitting about for weeks. This video was one that I used and enjoyed and still do now, three months later:

To help me process what was happening I used Susun Weed’s Seven Steps of Healing. Being so sick and for such a long time period was a bit of a shock to me, so it was good to write down what I was doing and how I was feeling every so often. It also helped me see what remedies were working, and what I had not yet tried. For more information on this listen here:

I hope that this helps you have an idea of what you can use to help if you ever have a lung infection. Remember you do not need to use all of these, and they are suggestions. We are all different and what works for one person may not work for someone else.

be well

simone melanie, 2017


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