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elder flower

Last year my usual hayfever symptoms of streaming nose and itchy eyes were greatly reduced. It was such a relief. Other years I have tried herbal supports but not with the same success – so that got me thinking, what did I do differently last year?

I had read that drinking nettle in advance of the pollen season was a way of reducing symptoms but had never really stuck with it. Last year I ate plenty of nettles in soup and drank about 2 litres of nettle infusion (the Susun Weed way) a week from March/April. When I started to experience hayfever symptoms I drank our Hayfever Blend tea and took tinctures and teas of Elderflower and/or Plantain. When I went to the Radical Herb Gathering I was surrounded by grass pollen (my trigger) and I managed to only sneeze a few times! It was a wonderful relief. I hope by continuing to drink nettle infusion, herb teas and having the tinctures that I made last year on hand that this year will also be the same.

nettle and red clover

Our Hayfever Blend is made with Elderflower, Nettle and Plantain. Elderflower dries up nasal passages when you have hayfever allergies and nettle and plantain are herbal anti-histamines so are all great allies when you are affected by pollen.

We are all different and are affected by pollen in different ways and at different times of the year. If you want to use herbs to relieve your symptoms then as with me it may take time to find your allies, but once you have found them they are always there for you!

If you want to buy Nettle herb in bulk please e-mail us: herbs(at)solarripe.eu

Be well

simonemelanie, March 2016



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