Why my herbal vinegar went mouldy!


I have made several batches of herbal vinegars this year and some have been delicious and others have had mysterious films forming on and in them which have made them unusable. I was unsure why this was happening until last night when I listened to the weekly radio show that herbalist Susun Weed hosts.

For some of the vinegars I used bog standard cider vinegar that I had skipped ages ago, and for others organic cider vinegar ‘with the mother’. The latter is the problem. According to Weed the cider vinegar with the mother is unpasteurised and therefore has organisms in it which when combined with the herbs, which also have microscopic organisms on, create new mother worlds in your lovely herbal vinegar! You can see the film on top in this photo of my rosemary vinegar and also growths in the bottom of the bottle. According to Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother_of_vinegar) you can filter them out and Weed suggests boiling the vinegar to be able to use it.


I am glad that this is the answer as it is easy to solve – though I may compost this bottle. I hope if you have had similar problems that this answer helps. To listen to Weed talking about this you can find the episode here:


Now all I need to do is find new plants to vinegar that are around this late in the year for my winter health!


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