How to make Elderflower and Plantain Tinctures (July 2015)


Going out foraging in the hedgerows and woody edges at this time of year I feel like a kid in a sweet shop! Today I was overwhelmed by the elder blossoms, plantain and rose buds that I found. I collected some of each to dry and use in fresh preparations, which I have just done. It does not take any time at all and I urge you to have a go at making one of them this summer.


I made an elder flower tincture in brandy and a plantain tincture in vodka and an infused oil of plantain. The tinctures I will use to help with my hayfever next year and the plantain will be used to make Solar Ripe’s Sting and Bite Balm.

To make: First of all find a clean, dry jam jar. Fill to the top with the herb of your choice. Cover with oil, vodka, brandy, or vinegar. Use a chop stick to push the herb down and remove any air bubbles. Seal lid, label and voila! A personal herbal remedy. If you do not want to use alcohol to extract the plant constituents you can use vinegar, which removes similar constituents to alcohol. Store out of direct sunlight for one month and strain through muslin. Put in a dark bottle or clean jar and seal and relabel.



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