How to make Blackberry Leaf Tincture – May 2015


Blackberry Leaf is a favourite remedy of mine for diarrhoea. The leaves are very astringent on the gut and so help dry up your bowels, fairly quickly I have found. I have used the dried leaves made into a tea before, but this year have decided to try and make a tincture, which can be kept for a long period and easily taken with me if travelling (or given to those adverse to tea drinking).

The leaves of the brambles are best collected when young as the plant is putting its energy into growing rather than in the pollen or fruits. I have started to take everything I need with me so that the remedy can be made as fresh as possible.

Gather young leaves in a basket, or paper bag. It best not to put them in the jar until the last minute as otherwise they perspire and the moisture will increase risk of spoiling.

bramble leaves

Once you have collected enough leaves start to fill your jar.┬áDon’t press them in to much -gently push them down until full but not bursting.

blackberry leaf tincture

Once the jar is full start to cover the leaves with alcohol. I use vodka 37.5% proof. Some people prefer to use brandy, whichever you prefer. Any leaves left over can be dried for infusions.

blackberry leaf tincute

Keep filling and pushing the leaves down with a stick, chop stick or knife. When it is full seal tightly with a lid and label with what is in it and the date. Leave somewhere you can see it but not in direct sunlight. Gently turn it and chat to it for 4-6 weeks when it will be ready to strain into a glass bottle, preferably dark, and then be used. Relabel it with what is in it and when it was made. Store safely in a cool, dark place out of the reach of children. Tinctures should last several years.

I would use 5ml/a teaspoon in some water every hour or so until symptoms withdrew. Always try a small amount first and see what reaction you have before trying more. Listen to what your body is telling you. I always like to try a small amount when it is first decanted to see what it tastes like, it is amazing how different tinctures can vary in taste.

Happy tincturing.

blackberry leaf tincture



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