Herb Delivery (Early May 2015)


Plants! Lots of lovely organic herbs arrived from Poyntzfield Herbs on the Black Isle for growing in the medicine wheel. They arrived bare rooted so some went directly in beds and the others in pots while the remaining beds in the medicine wheel are prepared for them. In the photo below are lavender, sweet violets, pansies, marshmallow, pellitory-of-the-wall, comfrey, wood sage, thyme, St John’s wort, angelica, wood betony, mugwort, bitter vetch and pasque flowers.

New herbs arrive!

We also now have a strimmer so the beds can be distinguished from the paths, which has made a real difference and it is starting to look like a proper garden! I have left an area to grow ‘wild’, which is in the foreground of the photo below, and this has ladies mantle, St John’s wort, strawberries, daisies, gorse, cowslips, nettle, forget-me-nots and plenty of dock.

Next on the list is to get the wheel finished and the polytunnel up so we can start having guests to join us  for a cup of  fresh organic herbal tea.

Wildflower bed and Medicine Wheel


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