Nettles and Gurgling Silver Birches (25th March 2015)


Spring has definately arrived. What a beautiful day, and the first harvest of Nettle (if you don’t count the Yarrow I used to stop my cut finger from bleeding)! I drank nettle tea while I was there, have made some infusion to drink tomorrow and have some left to make nettle soup with. Nettle is rich in minerals and vitamins, rebuilds the adrenals, and is good for our skin and hair.


The magic really happened though when I left for the day and saw a silver birch. It reminded me that this is the time of year to hear the sap rising. I put my ear to the trunk and could hear the bubbling and gurgling. It was incredible, I have never heard it before. So if you are reading this before the end of spring find a silver birch and see if you can hear it getting ready to put out its leaves.


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