Winter clearing, with the birds for company (17th February 2015)


The weather has started to warm up and the ground is defrosting nicely. All of the interior fences have been removed and we are starting to lay out the shapes of what will be here. Below is a photo of the medicine wheel that will be the centre piece. We also have some compost bins made from pallets and a small ‘bender’ to shelter us from the rain while we wait for a more permanent structure to be built. The main jobs now are digging the beds in preparation for planting, and continuing to remove the carpet and plastic mulches. This continues to be a difficult job with years of soils and weeds growing on and through them making them hard work to lift. However the carpet pieces are still useful and they are being used to cover beds and keep down weeds until we can grow herbs in them. A gorse bush and bramble have been moved to start what will be the herbal hedge. Other plants will be moved later including St John’s wort, ladies mantle and a rose. I hope to move them on days that are suitable according to the biodynamic calendar.


Birds that visit the site include robins, dunnocks, wrens, pheasants, long tailed tits, blue tits, blackbirds and buzzards over head.


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